Moving to Chicago to develop business for Textkernel in the US market

Moving to another country for your job; almost half of the colleagues in Textkernel did this to work in our office in Amsterdam coming from over 20 different countries. Now that me and my family (husband and 3,5 year old…

31 October 2016 Blog Monica Schoonhoven Continue reading  

Building a large knowledge graph for the recruitment domain with Textkernel’s ontology

A few years after Google announced that their knowledge graph allowed searching for things, not strings, knowledge graphs and ontologies have been gaining momentum in the world’s leading information organisations as a means to integrate, share and exploit data and…

4 October 2016 Blog Panos Alexopoulos Continue reading  

Deep Learning for Categorizing Job Titles

A Java programmer does the same as a Java developer does the same as a Java software engineer does the same as a Java ninja (although one of them might be faster, better, stronger than the others). So when an…

15 September 2016 Blog Maarten Versteegh Continue reading  

Online job postings have many duplicates. But how can you detect them if they are not exact copies of each other?

For Jobfeed, Textkernel’s real-time database for labor market analysis, we crawl the web for online job ads. Of course, ensuring the high quality of this database raises many technical challenges. One of them is the detecting duplicates of job ads….

2 September 2016 Blog Valentin Jijkoun Continue reading  

At 15, Textkernel proves its innovative spirit is alive and well

The end of the summer has become over the years the most anticipated moment in the life of the company. Textkernel just organised its fourth “Innovation Week”; an internal event where colleagues from different teams gathered for 5 days to work on…

31 August 2016 Blog Tristan Rousset Continue reading  

Hiring a dog, a sheep or a centipede? The colourful language of Dutch recruiters

Feeling like a fish in the water or a sheep with five legs? Animal-related expressions are commonly used in colloquial Dutch. So commonly in fact, that they very often find their way into job titles. Marte Meijs, Textkernel’s Marketing and…

29 July 2016 Blog Marte Meijs Continue reading  

Improving matching result with Textkernel’s learning-to-rank research

High quality semantic search means highly relevant search results. The modern approach towards tuning a complex ranking function is called Learning to Rank (LTR). Machine learning techniques are used to learn from user feedback which search results are good and…

15 July 2016 Blog Agnes van Belle Continue reading  

The challenges behind parsing & matching CVs and jobs

For the human eye reading a CV (resume) or a job ad is an easy task. These semi-structured documents are usually separated in sections and have layouts that makes it easy to quickly identify important information. In contrast, a computer…

8 July 2016 Blog Mihai Rotaru Continue reading  

Behind the scenes of Intelligent Machines and the Future of Recruitment

On 2 June, Textkernel organised a conference for its 15th anniversary. In a few months preparation time, they managed to get over 400 decision-makers interested in technology, recruitment and labour market information together at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. Marketing manager Kim…

20 June 2016 Blog Kim Pieschel Continue reading  

Internship at Textkernel – Sofia’s experience

Sofia Sehbaoui started her internship at Textkernel in January 2016. She is doing her Master’s in Digital marketing and communication at ICN Business School, Nancy, one of the top 10 business schools in France, and will spend the remaining months…

3 May 2016 Blog Sofia Sehbaoui Continue reading  

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