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Meet our team

From its humble beginnings as a two-person operation in 2001 to the internationally oriented company it is today, Textkernel has been shaped by the people working here. Not just the cultural diversity of our colleagues, but the variety of their academic and professional backgrounds form the engine that has fueled the development of our products and helped extend our reach worldwide. Currently our team consists of more than 220 people of 36 different nationalities. Having said that, we are still looking for new influences!


If you would ask any of the Textkernel employees to describe the company with just one word, we're pretty sure they would all mention innovative. It's the core of what we do. We even build a yearly event around innovation were the entire company participates in finding new and creative ways for Textkernel to grow.

The 2024 Las Vegas Casino party

The 2022 annual ugly christmas sweater lunch