Q&A-session with Textkernel’s Information Security Officer

On May 25th the General Data Protection Regulation comes into force. Since compliance with European legislation is a top priority at Textkernel we sat down with our Information Security Officer, Johan van der Zel, for a Q&A session on data…

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How Andrea’s team is helping Textkernel’s customers succeed

Textkernel’s support and customer success team connects with customers and helps them to solve issues. Semantic search- and matching technology can be used in many different ways and with technical consultancy and support we aim to set up the environments in…

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The Impact of Semantic Search and AI on Recruitment

Textkernel’s CCO Gerard Mulder has a lot of experience when it comes to helping staffing firms speed up their recruitment processes with semantic search and artificial intelligence (AI). At Bullhorn Engage, he will lead the roundtable session on how AI…

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Chris’ experiences as a java developer within one of Textkernel’s development teams

Building a user-friendly, semantic search engine for recruitment Five development teams are working hard to build Textkernel’s recruitment solutions: creating user-friendly products that can be integrated into many different systems. Chris Dekker is currently team lead for Textkernel’s semantic search and matching…

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Semantic Search – what is it, what are the benefits and what’s the future?

Great candidates often remain hidden because recruiters aren’t searching for the right keywords or job titles. Semantic search engines aim to understand what recruiters mean, rather than what they type. Jakub Zavrel, Founder and CEO of Textkernel, explains in this…

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Nested fields – beyond faceted search

Textkernel has been developing the use of nested fields in its semantic search product. In this blog post Ruben Geerlings, Head of Architecture at Textkernel, explains how this can be used for more complex search queries and better search results….

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How will AI and machine learning impact the future of recruitment?

Our partner Bullhorn published a Q&A session about the future of recruitment and how AI and machine learning will have an impact on the HR industry. You can read the full interview with me below. There’s been a lot of talk about…

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What is it like to be a NLP research engineer at Textkernel?

Tarek Mehrez started working at Textkernel in November 2016 as a NLP research engineer. Originally from Cairo, Egypt, he finished his Master’s in natural language processing in Germany and pursued some internships with Amazon & Sony. In this interview he will…

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Developing Greek CV parsing: an Odyssey

Textkernel has been developing its 17th cv parsing language, which will be released soon. You can read about the development of the Greek cv parsing language in Konstantinos’ blog post: My journey started halfway through August, when I was appointed…

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Recruiting e-leaders – what do companies want and what does the perfect e-leader look like?

Recruiting the right person for a leadership role is a significant challenge. As Forbes contributor Ken Sundheim put it: “Hiring good people is hard. Hiring great people is brutally hard. However, it’s brutally necessary”. This is even more true for…

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