Textkernel’s growing team and Björn’s first impressions

In a phase of growth and expansion Textkernel has hired 11 new colleagues since the beginning of 2016. Björn Burscher is one of them and is sharing his experiences about the overall application process and his first weeks. by Björn…

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#HRBarCamp2016: How much money lies within your own talentpool?

On February, 25th and 26th, Christoph Athanas and Jannis Tsalikis hosted the HR Bar Camp in Berlin. This year Textkernel decided to sponsor this successful event and Jakub, Sandra and I attended. by Marcus Fischer 200 recruiters and HR professionals, who managed to…

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Scaling up the US colocation for Textkernel’s semantic recruitment solutions

Marcel Blokpoel, senior infrastructure engineer at Textkernel, talks about scaling up the US colocation for Textkernel’s products and his experiences in Dallas, USA. by Marcel Blokpoel Oftentimes, laws and customer preference request that sensitive and personal data should be kept…

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How the mountainous scenery of the Swiss Alps unlocked Textkernel’s creative capacity

Textkernel’s team spent a weekend in Switzerland to reflect on the company’s culture and recent growth. Jacco Leeuwerink, technical consultant and member of Textkernel’s talent circle, explains his personal motivation to organise this event and how he sees the outcome…

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Scaling Semantic Search beyond 100 million CVs and jobs with Elasticsearch

Textkernel recently introduced version 3 of its products Search! and Match! with Elasticsearch as the new underlying search engine. Ruben Geerlings, lead developer of Search!, talks about the decision, but also the challenges and solutions involved in switching to Elasticsearch….

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Cultivating our innovative spirit: Textkernel Innovation Week

As is the tradition at the end of the summer, Textkernel organised its annual innovation week for the third time. Taking place at its Amsterdam headquarters, the event was the occasion for the Textkernel team to focus exclusively on the…

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Handwritten cover letters are still a thing in France

The handwritten cover letter had long been the French recruiter’s favorite tool. Its graphological analysis was meant to facilitate the hiring process by uncovering the character traits hidden behind the candidates’ pencil strokes. While less ubiquitous today, the handwritten cover…

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Second edition of the Textkernel Innovation Week

Innovation is what drives Textkernel’s employees and the company has always put a strong emphasis on research and development to advance its technology. In this spirit, once or twice a year Textkernel organises an innovation week in which each employee…

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